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Let Your Creativity Flow

Welcome to thepoojaluniacreations, your online shop for all of the unique and interesting multipurpose basket. We also customize things for your Take a look to see all we have to offer, and start your next project today.

Storage containers for art and craft

Art Pencil Creative: The Essentials

Birth of a pandemic business

Art Pencil Creative is the mind and skill work of an Engineer who has decided to spread her arms beyond the corporate limitations and create art and craft that makes the mind and body happy and refine the taste in art and create craft that brings loved ones closer. 
This is the platform that gives the opportunity to art enthusiasts to express in the form of blogs. 
Art Pencil Creative brings unique and admirable to you and your family's doorstep.

Meet the artist

Pooja is a software engineer by profession and an art enthusiast by passion. She is excited to begin a new venture in the world of art in the form of sketching and craftwork. The journey embarked when she was in her teens and started drawing her immediate surroundings. Her skill was first noticed by her mom and constant motivation paved a way towards creativity.


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